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Who We Are

We are a production company based in Saudi Arabia focused on quality storytelling. Having produced the biggest Saudi film to date ‘Born a King’, we have the experience of working with foreign co-productions and continue to build an ecosystem for Film Production in Saudi Arabia. Our team's combined experience covers feature films, commercials, music videos, short films, live events, and new media content.

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BORN A KING tells the extraordinary true story of 13 year old FAISAL, the younger son of the first King of Saudi Arabia, who in 1919 was sent on a diplomatic mission. In the frenetic post-WWI atmosphere, young FAISAL becomes the first Saudi Royal to visit the UK on a politically precarious trip lasting 5 months. FAISAL ultimately became the hugely popular King of Saudi Arabia (1964 - 1975), implementing modernization and reform.

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Duration: 100 minutes
Genre: Epic, Historical
Language: English & Arabic
Director: Agusti Villaronga
Cast: Ed Skrein, Hermione Corfield, Abdullah Ali

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Khaled is an assistant coach in Saudi Arabia’s top football league. One day, after a stressful match, his frustration and
bad attitude get him involved in a traffic accident that lands him in sports court. He loses his job and is sentenced to
the worst possible punishment for his ego: coaching a group of intellectually-disabled players that have never
touched a ball before. Through their innocence, tenderness and plenty of good humor, they will teach Khaled about
the things that really matter. They are the true Champions of Life.

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Duration: 90 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Language: Arabic
Director: Manuel Calvo
Cast: Yassir Alsagaf, Fatima Albanawi

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Managing Director

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Sultan is a Writer/Director/Producer having studied in the New York Film Academy and trained in the NY independent film world.
His work focuses on the examination of the relationship between people and the rules set for them by authority figures using genre films. "Tradition" (2016), an award winning short Christmas horror film that explores the idea of following family tradition without question, and the ramifications on a person's upbringing. And  "O2" (2016), which is a Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic film that asks questions about altruism. Since leaving New York, he has focused on producing feature films both in Saudi and internationally, with "Everything Outside" (2018) Selected for the Vancouver International Film Festival and "Madinat AlMalahi" (2020).

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Creative Director

Nahar Alhamrani is a producer and the creative director of AlMaha Films, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
He began his career in digital marketing, and built a social media marketing company "Made By Social". As a producer, he has had two successful Youtube Series: "Al Menu Show", and "Masalat Nagnaga", on the N8N8A channel. The latter reached an average of 800,000 views and 100,000 subscribers. Nahar recently produced a documentary called "Ana We Into We Jeddah" as part of the new entertainment initiative ‘Jeddah Seasons’. He also was a part of the Team Galag “Desert TourVol.1” and “Snow Tour Vol.3”; a road trip series on YouTube. Nahar’s goal is to create a proactive film-making scene in Saudi Arabia, and to play a vital role in the growth of the industry.

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Operations Manager

Reem has a Degree in Law from Dar Alhekma University. For the past several years, Reem partly assisted Founder & CEO of Afran National Food Co. Ltd, franchiser of the French bakery across the Middle East "Le Croissant Shop".  
Although some may cast the term _"A Jack of all trades..."_ in a negative light; Reem believes it to be her strong suit, where oftentimes, it serves as an asset and especially for startups, because a broad interest and keen observation skills have tendencies that will enable one to continuously grow and tackle various tasks, as well as manage to come up with creative solutions to daily problems.

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